About EZ PASS Automatic

Based in Locks Heath, we pride ourselves on giving quality, reliable friendly AUTOMATIC driving lessons. We are Automatic driving lesson specialists.

Your instructor will be Ricky, who has been teaching since 2008. Ricky recently took his Standards check test and scored 50 put of 51. Which makes him a grade A instructor.

You will be taught with a mix of coaching & instruction. Demonstrations can be used if needed or wanted. There are no set rules, Learn in a way that suits you at a pace your comfortable with.

We aim to build your experience across a wide range of different routes, weather and road conditions, not simply just travelling around the nearest test centre. However, we will of course ensure you are familiar with the areas surrounding your chosen test centre, pointing out any common problem areas and explaining how to approach them. We will also include at least one mock test and if you need any assistance with theory questions and what to expect we are also on hand to help.

What our Students have to say...